Zappos Spec Redesign

Zappos is a leader in e-commerce and are known for their customer service reputation, yet their website doesn't always provide the best experience for customers. I focused on doing a thoughtful audit of the Zappos homepage, product listing page, and product detail page. I called out areas that could be improved and then created wireframes that addressed those needs.

My Role

This project is a speculative redesign I did based on a site audit of I did all of the UX Design for this project. The goal of the redesign is to bring the customer service reputation Zappos is known for to the user experience of the site. Their current site can often be overwhelming with such a large product offering; my approach attempts to simplify the experience overall so users can easily navigate the site.


Keeping the business goals in mind

Since this is a speculative project it was first important to make some assumptions about what the business goals would be if Zappos were to redesign their site. The assumptions I made are listed below:

  • The business goal is to provide an excellent user experience for all types of customers and sell their products
  • In order to sell their products, Zappos needs to modernize their user experience and visual design
  • Responsive design is key to providing a seamless omni-channel user experience for all users

Focusing on the right users

Without any analytic data on who Zappos users are, I've focused my user types on a few of Nielsen Norman's ecommerce shopper types. These shopper types helped me to inform the features and functionality for the new site.

Product Focused Shopper

Product focused shoppers are goal-oriented. Speed is key. They generally know what they are shopping for and want their experience to be quick and easy. A positive experience on the site can often convert them into repeat customers. Features that will appeal to the product focused shopper: 

  • Finding the exact products they are looking for is simple and very quick (excellent main navigation, easy-to-use search functionality, and focused search results)
  • Clear understanding of each product (names, images, description, options, price)
  • Quick & easy access to previously ordered items for simple reorder
  • Checkout process is streamlined and hassle-free
  • An easy-to-understand navigation with excellent options for narrowing results

Casual Browser

These shoppers spend time on sites for inspiration or entertainment. Browsers are interested in having easy access to new content and products. They don't come to a site to see the same information they saw a week ago - they are looking to see what has changed. Some browsers are also scoping out products for a future in-store visit. Features that will appeal to the casual browser: 

  • Make it easy to find what’s new, what’s popular, and what’s on sale
  • Introduce them to related items and suggested products 
  • Allow them unique ways to browse and discover new products (by trend, by newly added products, by occasion, etc)

One Time Shopper

One time shoppers should be considered an opportunity - a good experience could convert them into a repeat customer. They might be gift card recipients or have heard of this brand through advertisements, friends, or social media. They also could have come across the site through a search for a product. Generally, one time shoppers are not familiar with the site or products. Features that will appeal to the one time shopper: 

  • Site navigation that is easy to understand and use
  • Clear product descriptions and pictures 
  • An option for checkout without registration

Understanding the current site

Since Zappos does not currently have a responsive site, we'll look at the desktop version to understand it's current state and some of the issues with the three pages I redesigned: the homepage, product listing page, and product detail page.




The navigation is overwhelming and not well organized. Users expect more elegant and well organized ways of finding products they want. In addition, there are too many options for browsing, many of which are redundant.


Featured content

When it comes to featured content, the homepage is incredibly overwhelming and doesn’t do a great job of romancing users. There's no brand story or lifestyle, the content is very product focused. The graphics are also pixelated at times.


Insincere personalizations

Zappos has made recommendations for me before I have browsed or made a purchase from the site. This feels disingenuous and creates a distrust between the user and the brand.


Latest reviews 

The latest reviews at the bottom of the homepage seem out of place. Do these products relate to me as a user? If I’m looking for dress shoes for a wedding or construction boots, these reviews don’t help me.


Product Listing Page


Narrowing results

There are too many categories to narrow my search. I've collapsed the list in order to view them all. Some are hard to understand how they would apply to a product on the site (ie. theme, accent) and could be confusing to users.


Product Badges & Filters

A lot of this information is redundant and could make the page visually overwhelming. Sandals are shoes, so why show “sandals” and “shoes” as separate filters? In addition, the entire first page is flagged as “new” which doesn't have much of an impact since there are so many products flagged.


Rating information 

Rating information is inconsistent, not all products have ratings yet. It may have the unintended effect of channeling users away from products with few or no reviews. For reviews to be effective, they need to have rich review content, especially in the bird's eye view of the product listing page.


Product Detail Page


Visual glitches

Visual design should be pixel perfect on all devices and load quickly.


Customer review before purchasing

The product detail page lets a user submit a review without having signed in or bought the product, which could inspire distrust in the ratings system. Why should I be allowed to review a product I haven’t purchased? 


Wireframing solutions

Based on these observations, I created wireframes that addressed these concerns while keeping the business goals in mind. Below are the wireframes for mobile, tablet, and desktop. If I were to continue this project, I would test interactions with customers to ensure this offers a superior experience, work with developers to make sure the implementation of this work considers the overall site performance, and explore improvements to the visual design that could bring the Zappos experience to the next level.



Product Listing Page


Product Detail Page

Zappos PDP.png